Friday, February 10, 2012

Added to, Continuing to... Hack my way through the GMO Jungle

So... This is my final list of questions. It hasn't changed much so I am just adding it to this post.

I will be meeting with Jim Gerritsen next week sometime.  I am waiting for him to let me know.  He's at another interview.  Very smart and busy man.  I am really looking forward to this!

The reason that I was inspired to ask Jim Gerritsen for his help was because I was getting alot of questions from friends that I felt inadequately prepared to answer.  I was also finding conflicting information as I searched for the answers myself.

What is interesting to note is that prior to my first blog on this issue I was getting alot of questions.  Since my blog post which invited questions that can be answered by someone with the knowledge and experience to answer, I have only gotten one question.

I'm not sure why that is... I just thought I would put out it out there.

Personally I find all your questions and information very helpful.  We all have our view on this subject and getting yours helps me to address questions for myself, that I haven't previously thought of.

So... given the current silence I thought I would post the questions that I have so far.  I am going ahead with this because I know it will be helpful for me.  I pray, that in the end, it will also be helpful for others.

  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how/why you became involved in this controversial issue.
  2. Why did you choose organic farming as opposed to conventional farming methods?
  3. Do you live/eat organically?  What are the problems or pit falls that you have encountered and how have you solved them in your own life?
  4. Explain for the average person, What is a GMO and how is it different from previous seed modification processes?
  5. Why did they start modifying seed this way?  Are there any good or healthy reasons for doing this?
  6. Is there reliable proof that GMO's are physically unhealthy or dangerous?
  7. Besides health consequences, are there other compelling reasons to oppose genetically modified crops/food.
  8. Why is all the negative focus on Monsanto and what other companies are there that Genetically Modify seeds/plants?
  9. Pro GMO talks alot about being the solution to starvation.  Why is this true or false?  What do you believe is the answer to starvation in the world? (I know this is very broad but I hear this alot, Why is Africa Starving and Why are Monsanto's GM crops Not the answer?  What is the answer in your opinion?)
  10. It is commonly said: I don't like GMO's but I can not afford organic food.  What is your response to this?
  11. How can a lower income person or family eliminate GMO's from their food?
  12. How are "Organic" grocery store foods different then other foods in the grocery store.
  13. If I switch to buying organic ingredients what kinds of things do I need to be aware of, such as... Do organic ingredients/products spoil faster?
  14. As a life style we are use to going to the grocery store to meet our food needs.  Many are concerned about the GMO issue but say things like.  I don't have time to think about it or change.  I don't have access to enough organics because I live in a rural community where it is not available. There are no Farmers Markets or No Winter Markets in my area.  How do you respond to this?  How should we change?  Are these kinds of changes practical or possible given our current busy lifestyles?
  15. What options do renters or people who can not grow their own have?
  16. When and where did they start modifying seed/crops?
  17. What seeds/plants are being modified?
  18. Besides processed food, what in our grocery stores is likely or possibly genetically modified (what veggies)?
  19. Are any Meat sources or Fish being genetically modified?
  20. Besides the commodity crops, what garden seeds or plants are being genetically modified.
  21. Define: Organic seed/gardening, conventional seed/gardening, Heirloom seed/plants, open pollinated seed/plants, Hybrid seed/plants.
  22. I have heard that people who try to switch to organic seeds/plants and gardening methods have had poor results.  Why do you think that is?  What can I do to protect myself from that?
  23. What do I need to be careful of when purchasing my garden seeds or plants this year.  Should I be wary of my past sources (including Amish sources) of plants and seeds?
  24. What questions should I ask my current garden supply source to be sure I am getting what I want.
  25. Why are Seed Companies who are opposed to GMO's still using companies they are opposed to as a source for seed?
  26. I want to grow from seed for the first time.  How can I ensure success without spending a fortune for equipment and supplies to get my seeds to sprout and grow?
  27. What should I be planting if I want to save my seeds?
  28. Do I need to change how I garden if I want to save my seeds, ie: do I need to worry about distance when planting similar things like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash.
  29. How do you store seeds and how long can they be stored?
  30. How should I make sure my soil is where it needs to be to grow without chemical support?
  31. Are there any reliable and simple sources of information for gardening naturally and without chemical support?
  32. You say our current food system is broken.  Is this issue wider then the GMO issue?  How?  If you could solve the problem, what would be your solution?
  33. If you are looking for information on this issue how can you determine if the information you are receiving is reliable?
  34. This is not a new issue.  why are there still so many who do not know about it?
  35. Some people do know that an issue exists but are not concerned.  Why is this and why should they be?
  36. Many people view this anti-GMO or "Green" movement as Doomsday and False as well as unnecessarily scary and negative.  How do you respond to this and how can we who believe in this movement do better?
I am still working on this and revising.

What do you think?  Does anyone have anything to add?

Like I previously posted;  I will take additional questions until Sunday 2/19/12 at 11:00 pm and post a final list.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. I especially liked questions 17 - 27. Sounds like you have a great list. If he's a talker, you may be there for a few weeks. :) Make sure you take your camera! I'd love to see what he's got going on his farm! :)

  2. I will do that!!! I have been there a few times but for other things. I have only seen where he stores some of his seeds. What I couldnt take my eyes off was the beautiful pure NON genetically altered corn seed. A year ago I didnt know that was a precious thing! Now I am wondering how many years befor it is gone FOREVER!! 5-10 years??