Saturday, December 17, 2011

Using up a head of Cauliflower

I have been working on using more of what I have on hand rather than deciding what I want to eat and then shopping for it.
I will waste less and spend less both of which are important!
A few days before Thanksgiving I sent Tim to the store for some Cauliflower.
I told him to get two heads because they are usually so small.
This time they were HUGE so I really only needed one.
So, what to do with this extra head of Cauliflower????

I broke it up into the flowerette's (sort of bite size ones) and then steamed it for maybe??? 7 minutes until crisp/tender. NOT SOFT.
With half of it I made a Cauliflower Gratin which was really yummy. 
With the rest I did...


 2 Tbsp Olive Oil,
 8 cloves of Garlic sliced thin,
 1/2 tsp? Red Pepper Flakes,
 1/2 head of steamed Cauliflower,
 1 large Tomato seeded and chopped,
 1/4 cup chopped fresh Basil,
 1 can of (drained and washed) Cannellini Beans,
 Bow Tie Pasta
 Parmesan Cheese,
 Salt and pepper.

 I sauteed the garlic and pepper flakes with the cauliflower until garlic was soft and Cauliflower was warmed through. 
Added the Tomato, Basil and Beans,
Cooked the pasta, reserving some of the pasta water I drained it and then added it to the cauliflower mixture.
I tossed it around and added a little of the pasta water.
Served it in a big bowl topped with Parmesan Cheese.

GOOD, healthy and works great as a leftover.
I just had a big bowl of it now and its a few days old.

I have made similar dishes in the past, but what I liked so much about this (other than the taste) was that I used up the Cauliflower and the Tomato because I was worried about them both going bad. I didn't want to throw them away. Food, especially those two items are expensive!

I wasn't really sure what to do with them at first. I just gave it a little thought. I like all of those flavors and threw in the beans for the nutrition. My hubby was not crazy about the idea of beans but what is great about him is he will eat anything.  He is very good about encouraging me to try something new. If it comes out bad he eats it anyway without complaining and if it comes out great he grunts and yum's all the time he is eating it...
and then licks the plate.
Rude, maybe... BUT I LOVE IT!
I love to cook for him.
On this one he licked the plate :)

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  1. I know this is already on facebook. I wanted it here so I know where to find it when I want to make it again.